How to Customize PowerSchool


  1. Import and Export Templates: To share an Import or Export Template, it must be exported by going to Special Functions: Importing and Exporting: Templates for Importing (or Exporting): Edit Import (or Export) Template by clicking on the template name : Export this template Then upload the file to PSUG.

  2. Report Templates including Form Letters, Mailing Labels, Object Reports and Report Cards: To share a Report Template, it must be exported by going to Reports: Report Setup: Click the type of report you want to export and then the name of the report: Export as a template Then upload the file to PSUG
To import Templates, first download them to your computer and then go to System Setup: Import Report Template.

Custom Screens

There are two ways to create custom screens with PowerSchool:
  1. Create custom screens using PowerSchool found under System: Custom Fields / Screens. This lets you add fields and then use those fields and existing fields to create custom screens with no knowledge of html or web page design. This is a very simple, yet effective process, but you have little control over the page layout. To share these, go to Custom Student (or Staff) Screens: Edit Fields: Export this screen as a template. The resulting template file can be imported by following the import templates instructions above.

  2. Create or borrow html pages using a web page (html) editor such as Dreamweaver. You can find many of these files on PSUG or use existing PowerSchool pages. To dowload a page from PowerSchool, go to the page you want to modify, ctrl-click (on a Mac or right-click on a PC) somewhere on the page and choose "Open Frame in New Window" or something similar in the popup menu. If there is nothing like that in the menu, then there is no frame. In either case, delete everything to the right of .html in the url and add an e, so that it looks something like this:
    Hit the enter key and depending on your browser, the html file will be downloaded to your local machine or displayed in the browser. If it's displayed in the browser, choose save file to download it. Now that you have the html file, remove the e from the htmle. Then you may customize it for your use and you MUST make sure that the field names match your database. The file must be copied to this location on the server:


    OR if you want to replace an existing PowerSchool page (you must use the same file name):

    For custom staff pages, the file must be copied to this location on the server:

    OR if you want to replace an existing PowerSchool page (you must use the same file name):

    After copying the web page to the proper location on the server, go to: System Administrator: System Settings: Customization and check the box to enable customization.

    You then activate it by going to:
    System: Special Operations: Rebuild custom page links.
    Caution: Be careful not to select any other operation on the Special Operations page!

Caution About Fields

Use existing fields to avoid duplicates. If you load or create a custom screen, as soon as you populate the fields with data, PowerSchool will automatically make those fields in your system. They may be fields you already have by another name which would cause duplicate fields, so study the page carefully before using it.