Department of Buildings and Grounds
Martin Velasco, Maintenance Supervisor
215 N Carlisle Ave
Somerton, AZ 85350-3200
(928) 341-6000

Our Department consists of 16 Full Time Custodians, 3 Full Time Maintenance Technicians and 4 Groundskeepers. We are charged with the daily cleaning and maintenance of 259,935 sq. ft. of Educational and Administrative Space. We are also responsible for the care of approximately 63 acres of athletic turf and play area, including the preparation for all Athletic Events. Special Events. During the course of an average year, our Maintenance Technicians answer approximately 1000 Service Requests from Administration and Staff.

As a service group, we are constantly reevaluating what we do, how we do it, and then looking for more efficient ways of doing what we do best.

“Our mission is to maintain and improve all schools and properties in a manner that supports academic success, comfort to the users and community pride in appearance. We believe in continuous improvement using the best talents in the department and community.”