Elizabeth Garza, Director of ESS
215 N Carlisle Ave
Somerton, AZ 85350-3200
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Somerton School District’s Exceptional Student Services Department oversees all aspects of the special education process for children Pre-K through 8th grade.

Compliance of federal and state mandates is a primary responsibility of the Department. The Exceptional Student Services staff and related service personnel work collaboratively with District personnel and parents to provide a free and appropriate public education for students with disabilities. These mandates are supported through parent support services, instructional support, and related services including psych-educational services. Staff are trained continuously and receive on-going program development to maintain an appropriate level of support to students with disabilities.


Exceptional Student Services assists in the process for identifying students as “Gifted”. The Somerton School District believes that every student identified as Gifted, should have the opportunity to be challenged in order to develop and enhance the skills necessary to compete in our global society. The goal of the District’s Gifted Education philosophy is to provide an effective and dynamic learning experience that follows state standards and guidelines.