What is a District Additional Assistance (DAA) Budget Override?

The Somerton School District will be conducting a DAA override election on Nov. 8th, 2016.

  • The proposed DAA override authorizes the district to spend above the state budget limit through local voter support by an additional 10% to provide for programs and services up and above those funded by the state.

  • DAA is where the District pays for its instructional curriculum, security and safety equipment, technology hardware and software, school fleet, and construction expenses.

  • The District has an existing override that was authorized in the November 2013 election, terms this fiscal year.

  • The override will generate an estimate $1.3 Million for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • The override is supported by a property tax that is levied on the total assessed valuation of the District (Businesses, Homes and all other property).

  • The Override will last for 4 years.

What programs will the override provide to the district students, staff, and community?
The District will be able to continue to provide a level of educational services and programs for students and community not funded by the state.

  • Construct additional classrooms to Tierra Del Sol Elementary, Valle Del Encanto Learning Center, and add a media center to Orange Grove Elementary. This will assist in bringing back 6th grade into their elementary campuses. Somerton Middle School will house 7th and 8th grade only.

  • Provide and update technology infused equipment to the lower grades students and teachers classrooms.

  • Install security and safety equipment to all campuses.

  • Purchase school fleet buses and vehicles with A/C.

  • Renewal and upgrade school sites buildings and classrooms.

What happens if the voters choose not to renew the district’s budget override?

  • All schools will exceed their student capacity and possibly go into double sessions.

  • School bus fleet will continue with 6 buses with no A/C.

  • Students at elementary schools will not have technology in the classrooms compared to Somerton Middle School.

  • Will not be able to install much needed security and safety equipment at school sites.

  • Will take a period of 10 years to renew and upgrade school sites building and classrooms

How much will the override cost the average taxpayer?
The funding will be supported by the secondary property tax. The average additional tax rate needed to fully fund the Somerton School District DAA override is estimated to $2.31 cents per $100 of the limited property value, or $184.76 per year or $.51 per day on a home assessed at the District’s average value of $80,000.

How do I know the money will be spent as indicated?
The District is committed to responsible stewardship of override funds. Arizona law requires the District to clearly list what the override will be spent on in the voter information pamphlet. As a result, the District is required to comply or be in violation of Arizona state law.

Have voters in Somerton School District passed overrides in the past?
Yes, the District’s voters have approved the Capital budget override for the Somerton School District since 2013. Our current override will term this fiscal year.

When will the Override be on the ballot?
The override election will be held on the Tuesday, November 8, 2016 general election. Early voting for this measure will start Thursday, October 12th, 2016. Last day for voter registration is Monday, October 10th, 2016.

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