If you have already downloaded Microsoft Office 365, use the same username and password for Microsoft Teams. If you have not downloaded Office, please go here and create an account using your school email address: Get started with Office 365 for free. See additional links on the left.


Google Hangouts Meet is usually limited to 25 participants, but that limit has been increased to 250 until July 1, 2020. It's also part of Google Classroom, so if you are already using Google Classroom, this would be a good choice. See links on the left.


GoToMeeting allows 250 participants. It is included in our district phone plan and is available to administrators, secretaries and principals. See links on the left.


Zoom is limited to 100 participants and normally has a 40 minute time limit, but that limit has been temporarily removed. There are some notable problems with Zoom including:

  • Security issues including lack of encryption

  • Privacy concerns including the leaking of thousands of email addresses

  • Vulnerability to attackers who can send malicious links to users' chat interfaces and gain access to their computer including passwords

  • Liability concerns

See links on the left.